Retailer of Bait and Berley, with all funds raised going towards a school trip to Borneo

Thank You

Congratulations, you just save the world. 

Honest, your fishing habit is a step towards saving the world.  Well done you, your awesome!

Ok, I better explain.

So, not only have you increased your chances of catching “the big one” but you’ve also helped 14 year old Kapiti College student Logan Rowe fund his Antipodeans trip to Borneo in 2019.

While in Borneo, Logan will be involved in an Antips project which may involve helping to repair schools, churches, community halls and outdoor play areas, as well as assisting in replanting mangrove areas and new vegetable gardens.

See told ya – saving the world.

These projects are a step in the right direction.  We are saving the world, one school, one play area, one garden at a time.

Hey, how about telling your mates, they could fish, save the world and help out a fishing mad 14 year old as well.

Thanks again, and please come back to

Happy fishing.


Vicki Rowe

(Logan’s Mum)



See more about Antipodeans trips here.  There is even awesome trips for school leavers.  Hmm,  is 40+ too old to be a school leaver???